(Written by Gerd Rube)

Intro: A, Amaj7, D, E,   A, Amaj7, D  
Me and my baby went out to the beach
just for me and her to be out of reach
to enjoy the blue waters and the warm summer breeze
 D                         E
another free fall into the Keys disease

Looking back on the journey, ..we both went through
There ain't nothing I would change or I would rather do
I am blessed with my live, and the gift that I got
Never take it for granted, I got more than a lot 
        A         E         D           E
Cause I do what I love, and love what I do
there's NOWHERE else I'ld rather be to rock this place with you
Do what I love, and love what I do
If I can do this till the end of my days
then I had my dreams come true, hmmm   -> Intro
Living the dream that I was searching for
playing my music every night, I couldn't ask for more
People from all over come to see me play
When I see their happy faces, that just makes my day

Life is too short, no waisting time anymore
focus on the good stuff we haven’t done before
Those dreams might move on, ..if you wait too long
This life is good for the soul and it is: growing strong 
Repeat:                    A   E, D
then I had my dreams come true   (2x)  + 2x empty  
A         E         D
Do what I love, and love what I do (3x) + 1x empty 
End:      D (Lick to) A-A
     Just love what I do

  2011, Copyright by Gerd Rube & White Eagle Music