Logo November 2019 Time flies NEW SINGLE: TIME FLIES This is the new November 2019 single of Key West based singer/guitarist/ songwriter Gerd Rube. A wonderful soft-rock melodic tune with a raspy and very unique voice surrounded by smooth 3-part harmonies in a classic rock style that reminds you of the Eagles, Little River Band or Bob Seger. Sure you experienced this several times in your life when time just seems to run so fast and kids grow up before you know it, your next birthday is already coming up again... When you look back at some events in your life, it's hard to believe they happened way longer ago than it seems. Like it says in the song: Sure time flies, but memories last forever. This song is for all of you to treasure each and every day with all your loved ones! It is now available on all popular download and streaming websites: Click here Click here Click here Click here THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Video September 2019 NEW SINGLE BETTER DAYS The new single BETTER DAYS is now available!! I am very excited to present this new original song because I think it has a killer sound, great hook & great story you sure can relate to! It is available on all popular download and streaming websites. Sure I hope you will love the tune as much as I do and thank you already for supporting your local songwriter! DOWNLOAD-LINKS: Click here Click here Click here THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Video Video Logo Die Germnay Summer Tour 2019 ist schon wieder vorbei. Für nächstes Jahr geplant: JUNE BIS SEPTEMBER GERMANY SUMMER TOUR 2020 Jetzt buchen für alle Events, Stadtfeste, Vereine, Clubs, Privat-Parties... Click hereHier geht's zum Kontakt UPCOMING SHOWS: DIE NÄCHSTEN SHOWS Tourdates Click here Click here for more tourdates CLICK HERE FOR SOME NEW PHOTOS: Gerd Rube LIVE VIDEOS GERMANY SUMMER TOUR 2019 Video Video Video KEY WEST, APRIL 2019 CAPTAIN TONY'S GERD RUBE'S ORIGINAL MUSIC Video Video LIVE VERSION OF KEY WEST SUNSET, FEB. 2019: Video SOME COVER TUNES Video Video Video Video Video Interview about his latest all-original album KEY WEST SUNSET: Video Click hereMore music videos: Click here! Divider Didyouknow Divider THE PAST YEARS...! Back in time